Mabuhay and welcome to my blog!

I dreamed of becoming a blogger before but starting to pursue it is always difficult. Maybe I am not that eager to be one? Eventually I started atleast to create a blog when I joined a campaign with Belle de Jour Power Planner and a blog post is required for me to finish the challenge.

I have some journalism background when I was in college but I know in myself that I am not like the others that are gifted when it comes to writing. I do hope you will not judge me based on how I construct my sentences, hahaha! I will make sure that what ever I write in here will be understandable.

Most of my posts here will be Belle de Jour Power Planner related, I will also post reviews of the products that I’ve used. Feel free to comment on any of my blog posts. I also accept constructive criticisms, just don’t be too harsh, okay? 🙂

You can also follow me in instagram @tsa_tym.


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