Belle de Jour’s 20 Summer Challenges

Who says it’s too late for summer?

I might have seen the BDJ’s campaign at a later time in Instagram but it didn’t hinder me to continue on doing the challenges. Prior to this, I was already convincing my self that this year will be my most boring summer ever until I encountered the hashtag #BDJFunInTheSun. 20 challenges in less than 20 days?  Plus my nocturnal schedule and a lot of extra curricular activities after work and rest days? Bring it on! I am ready to start my not yet so late summer escapade!


cto: @bdjbuzz

Challenging the Challenges!

Completing all 20 challenges in a short period of time may be a less hard for me but blogging them afterwards gave me the real challenge! I don’t know how to create one, ha! ha! ha! So, without further ado, below are my 20 summer challenges. By the way, all of the challenges were done between May 02-20, 2015!

Challenge 1. Participate in a Fun Run


When I saw the list of BDJ summer challenges, I smiled and considered this challenge done. I have this run scheduled way back March. I’ve joined a lot of fun runs but this gave me a lot of my “firsts”. This was the first time that I run for Nike. It’s also epic because it’s the first time for Manila to hold a run for Women. It’s my first time to run with a buddy . It’s my first time to run in Alabang and lastly, this is the only run that I joined that started late, the gun time started at 9 pm.

Prior to the main event which happened last May 09, 2015, there were series of trainings that runners may avail. I was able to experience plana forma and joined the NTC live at Valkyrie, all my firsts. Right now I would consider that this run is the best among all the fun runs that I have joined. Aside from the 2 drifit shirts that I got, the trainings were the ones that I cherished. I am even planning now to enroll to a plana forma class!

Challenge 2.  Wear a flower crown


It’s easy to buy a flower crown in malls but I decided to make my own flower crown out of plastic flowers. Inspired by my favorite fashion bloggers, I tried different selfie shots with a help of a monopod. I had fun even if I was doing it alone. I tried to make different serious and wacky faces. Thankfully I am alone in my room. 1,2, 3, pose!

Challenge 3. Eat the best halo-halo in town


The best halo-halo that I’ve ever tasted is the one that is sold at Razon’s. Their halo-halo may not be as colorful as others, simple as it is but sooooo delicious.

Challenge 4. Capture the best beautiful sunset


Indeed, it’s in Manila Bay that you can capture the most beautiful sunset in Metro Manila. Looking at this wonderful God’s creation, I feel so privileged that I can still enjoy this simple yet priceless pleasure- waiting for the sun to set and rest.

Challenge 5. Ride a giant Ferris wheel


It’s not my first time to ride in a giant Ferris wheel but what I feel every time I ride is the same as when I ride the first time- goosebumps! I have a fear of heights and as much as possible I want to avoid these kind of activities. But since this is part of the challenge, I need to do it. It’s just amazing because after every ride, I feel proud of myself that I was able to conquer my fear.

Challenge 6. Nap on an outdoor hammock


I grew up in the province so this challenge is close to my heart. If I only have a hammock at home or if I can put one outside it’s not only napping that I will do, I might spend my 8 hours of sleep there! For now, let me savor napping here, I need to be energized to finish the remaining challenges.

Challenge 7. Go to the zoo


It’s not my first time to go to a zoo but it’s my first time to visit Ninoy Aquino Park and Wildlife Center. Some animals are familiar and some I saw for the first time. I saw a lot of snake cages but didn’t dare to come near them. It’s nice to find out that there is a shelter of animals without owners within the metro.

Challenge 8. Attend a local fiesta


We just knew about the fiesta by searching the internet. as much as possible we want to do the challenges within Metro Manila to save time for the travel. So,on May 10, that is Mother’s Day, with aching legs due to last night’s run, we went to Sta Elena Marikina to attend the fiesta of Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish. There’s a huge food feast beside the church and the plaza and since it’s open for everyone, my friend and I fall in line and had our lunch there. After the lunch, we watched some baton and lyre exhibitions.

Challenge 9. Buld a sand castle


I spent my adolescent years in Boracay and building a not so pretty sand castle will definitely get me killed once I get home, ha!ha! ha!

Challenge 10. Go to a local perya


It’s through a friend in the office that I knew about the perya in Bocaue, Bulacan. Right after the fiesta my friend and I went to Bocaue to execute and cross out this challenge from the bucket list. I had fun  trying to shoot a one peso coin inside the squares with corresponding prices. When I was young we were throwing 25 centavos. Now it’s a peso. The coins may differ as time passes but the feeling in playing in a perya is just the same- it gives happiness.

Challenge 11. Make smores over a campfire


This is a first time for me to make smores and eat them! It tastes better if you’ll sandwich the melted marshmallow and chocolate between two graham crackers! And doing things like this for the first time with friends make this challenge more enjoyable!

Challenge 12. Ride a water slide


I’ve never experienced to ride a water slide so this challenge is definitely something to be included in my bucket list. I don’t know how to swim and I would always close my eyes and pinch my nose just to make sure that I can’t inhale any water. When I saw this as one of the challenges, I told myself that hey, this is the time to try and enjoy the water slide as others do.

I am supposed to do this challenge in a swimming pool with spiral water slide. I was quite disappointed that when I went to a swimming area/facility in Taguig, they just stopped their water slide operation. My friend Grace has been encouraging me to try the Safari splash at Mall of Asia where you will ride to a log inspired boat and will pass through the water slides. With fear and excitement I tried it with closed eyes and prayers  that I’ll be safe. It’s a short ride and surprisingly I enjoyed it. One of these days I’ll try it again. You will really never appreciate something until you experienced it. Now, I want more of safari splash and will definitely pursue the water slide in swimming pools.

Challenge 13. Blow bubbles


The photos captured how much I enjoy blowing bubbles! I remember my childhood when I am blowing the bubbles, catching them and trying to break the bubbles one by one. This activity is a sure hit for kiddos of all generations. I had a chance to participate in a travel and tourism fair in Cebu a few years back and just to draw some attention from prospective clients I blew bubbles in front of our booth! It was a success story.

Challenge 14. Wear a summer dress


I love girly stuff and summer dresses is definitely one of them. However I don’t wear them all the time. It depends on my mood and what errands or activity that I will do in that particular day. On that particular day when wear a summer dress challenge photo was taken I imagined that I am in Tagaytay or Baguio and the weather was more cold than warm. In a count of three, I have my summer ootd.

Challenge 15. Stargaze under a clear sky


The best things in life are definitely for free! Star gazing gives me the feeling of tranquility. Of all the stress and struggles that a “probinsyana” like me is experiencing here in Metro Manila, the clear sky and the stars somehow gives me the urge to stop in a moment, contemplate and breathe.

Challenge 16. Have a movie date outdoors


I tried my best to look for an authentic outdoor cinema but I wasn’t lucky enough to find one within the metro. So I and my friends decided to watch a movie with a laptop instead and we watched it in an outdoor area. Since I don’t have a special someone my friends are game enough to accompany me and be my date while watching Pitch Perfect 1 under the clear night sky.

Challenge 17.  Enjoy a picnic at the park

IMG_20150522_142644 (1)

It’s nice to chitchat with friends in the park where you sit in the grass and can feel the earth and the breeze that helps  lessen the high temperature. Sometimes we just need to step outside and enjoy nature for a change of scenery.

Challenge 18. Challenge a friend to badminton


I literally went to a friend’s house and challenged her to a badminton match with me! She accepted the challenge but with hesitations. She’s not even prepared when I went to their house unannounced. So we played and guess who won? It’s her, ha!ha! ha! My sporty outfit didn’t help in my performance at all! But I had fun even if I didn’t win.

Challenge 19. Fingerpaint a masterpiece


My masterpiece is inspired by Wilson William Baldemor’s Revival. This art that looks like infinity is one of the main attractions of a park that’s near to my house. My mind was totally scattered and can’t think of any inspiration until I passed by at the park on my way home.

It’s been a while that I was able to touch a water color. I am not into painting but I believe that I have a small talent because when I was in grade school my work if not all, most of them gets the highest score in class. If my time permits, I would like to pursue this as a hobby. I might discover a picasso in me 🙂

Challenge 20. Fly a kite


I decided to make my own kite instead of buying it. Honestly, I had a hard time lifting my yellow kite up and above. This kind of activity is asking for a bigger open space so the kite will fly well. When I was in the province my cousins and I bring our kites in the rice fields and there the kites fly freely like birds. Now back to the present time, I can’t say that I failed in flying the kite, with all the happy memories of childhood flashing back, I am still a winner.

And there is my 20 Summer Challenges by Belle de Jour and in partnership with Subic Grand Seas Resort, Havaianas Phils and Serenitea. Thank you BDJ for making my summer colorful and adventurous! With a few days left before the end of summer, my wish is to win the grand prize to end my summer with a bang! I will ask it again, Who says it’s too late for summer?




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