Belle de Jour Planner and its Amazing Perks

I’ve been seeing this planner in bookstores every end of the year but it never got my attention. I am not into planners and like most of you out there, I collect stickers to avail the planner that is given out by a famous coffee shop here in the country. Not that I need it, I am just joining the hype.


Everything changed when by chance I saw the #bdjfuninthesun campaign of Belle de Jour (BDJ). Looking at their Instagram account (@bdjbuzz) and the previous hashtags gave me the curiousity and excitement to get my own BDJ power planner. It’s my first time to read about #perksofabella experiences, bdjbox that you can subscribe to every month, rendezvous and bootcamps. It’s just few days to reach mid-year but that didn’t discourage me to avail of a BDJ planner. So I purchased one online via

I can say that buying the BDJ planner is one of the right decisions that I have made this year. It’s more than just a planner. It’s a lifestyle.



Flipping each page inspires me to be confident and do things out of the box. Every page is empowering. Mind you, I am just talking on the planner alone. Together with it is a booklet of coupons that I know everybody will love. The discounts are huge! And the lifestyle card that serves as a free pass to BDJ events, it serves as a reward card  to ZAP accredited establishments, and it give more discounts just in case you run out of coupons.

The perks does not end there. The regular BDJ rendevouz, the events and the campaigns is something to look forward to. You will not go home empty handed. A lot of freebies and learnings are prepared just for the BDJ planner holders. I’ve been to a BDJ event tagged as #BeautyBootCamp and I can testify that BDJ events is a must join and I will miss half of the fun if I can’t join them.

It’s not yet late to have your own BDJ planner. Just follow their FB and IG page and you will know what I am talking about.

(this is not a BDJ sponsored article)


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