#PerksOfABella: Solo Trip to CBTL

I was waiting for the bank to open when I decided to look for a place where I can sit and eat breakfast. It’s still early, around 8:00am and only few restaurants in Bonifacio High Street (BHS) are open. I always bring my #perksofabella coupons with me and luckily, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf BHS Branch is open. I decided to use one of my coupons for CBTL, the “buy any salad and get today’s iced tea for free.”

IMG_20150626_082933  this is the coupon that I used in my trip to CBTL

I ordered their chilled spicy chicken pasta salad and as expected, the iced tea’s for free! When I got my order at the counter I was surprised because their serving is huge! It’s already good for two people!

IMG_20150626_083751Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Chilled Spicy Chicken Pasta Salad

It’s my first time to eat a salad that is a pasta and vice versa? 🙂 At first I didn’t like the taste of it, it’s very different from the salads that I used to eat. But I need to finish my plate. The longer you eat it, the taste becomes tolerable and eventually you will love it! My palate was just looking for a familiar taste that’s why I didn’t like it at  first. The iced tea complimented with the salad and because they gave me a big glass, I even brought the excess and enjoyed drinking it as I walk going to the bank.

IMG_20150626_083736Pay for the salad, get the iced tea for free!

It’s another great #perksofabella experience for me. Thank you Belle de Jour Power Planner for always giving us Bellas the best!


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