What I took home from Belle de Jour’s Last Rendezvous: A Woman Who Matters

An afternoon of women empowerment and reality talk- that’s the last rendezvous of Belle de Jour Power Planner was all about. Dubbed as “A Woman Who Matters” , it was held on August 8, 2015 at The Atrium of SM Megamall and participated by bellas in all walks of life- wives, mothers, teenagers, young professionals and a lot more.


The event started at 1:00 PM and I arrived an hour early so after I registered and secured my seat, I visited the booths available such as the Ponds Beauty Institute booth where I availed their free skin analysis. I also signed at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’ s Brew Your Best Year campaign.


So here comes the event proper. Apple David, PBA’s courtside reporter hosted the event. She started the program with a game called  Ouchless Hair Relay sponsored by Goody. Good thing BDJ opted to have a game first! Aside from it energized us bellas, it somehow broke the barrier and seatmates that doesn’t know each other suddenly shared laughter and cheers while watching at the participants finish the game on stage.
imageThe first speaker who talked about beauty is the very pretty and young Nikki Duque. She is a professional make up artist and a newest addition to the beauty bloggers in the country. Her presentation was entitled Put Your Best Face Forward which comprises of the do’s and don’ts on make up in the corporate world, the right shades/ colors for foundation, eyeliner, eye shadows, blush and lipstick. She even shared the make up brands she is using. It was a long presentation but to sum it up, here are the Dont’s For Corporate Look:

  • Don’t do fake lashes in the office.
  • Don’t fixate on embellishing up to your eyebrows.
  • Don’t fake bake or test drive any complexion changing beauty products on weekdays.
  • Don’t do the frosted or glittery lip thing.

Make Up Ground Rules:

  • It has to stand the test of time.
  • It has to be low maintenance and easy enough for you to be able to complete it in a rush.
  • It should enhance and not hide who you are.
  • It shouldn’t be distracting.
  • It should make you both comfortable and amazing.

Other Tips: 

  • Preparation is always important.
  • Have an emergency make up kit stored in your office drawer.
  • Change your make up game once in a while.

She ended her presentation by this quote- “Dress the way you want to be addressed”.


The second speaker who talked about career is the very cute and stand out Thea de Rivera. She is the creative mind behind The Girl and the Bull and 12/10. For those who doesn’t know her, who would have thought that this petite woman with green colored hair ( which is my favorite color by the way ) is a restaurateur and have 2 establishments to manage?

In her presentation Finding Your Passion, Making your Mark, Thea told us the story of her and boyfriend Gab, and how they come up with their 2 babies ( the 2 restos, hehehe) by showing photos that are mostly posted in her Instagram account. To sum up, here are the tips she shared in putting up your own business:

  • If you want to start something you have to give your all. We all start from nothing.
  • Everyday is something to learn something new.
  • Don’t forget that you shouldn’t lose yourself in the process of hard work.
  • For those who would want to open business with your significant other you have to lay down your priorities and goals.
  • For those who are into business alone do know that it is still hard, so give your all.
  • Don’t forget to have fun.

She ended her talk by giving her own version of  finding your passion and making your mark- “It’s something you stumbled upon and making the most out of it”.


The third speaker who talked about fitness is the very fit and shy looking Melissa Gohing, a multi-awarded volleyball athlete turned lifestyle blogger. Her guide to fitness transformation? She was inspired to exercise more when she had a slipped disk. Furthermore, she said that for those who are afraid to exercise because of health issues or they are just afraid to try, Stop saying you can’t….You can! She enumerated the benefits of exercise, these are:

  • weight loss
  • healthier brain
  • stronger bones
  • better skin health
  • decreases health risk
  • it makes you happy

She ended her presentation by this quote- “Perspire to Inspire” which is also the title of her blog.

Just to break the ice, there’s a game after each presentation. Other games from this event were Charades sponsored by Subic Grand Seas and Mix and Match Game sponsored by Red Mango. And wait!!! how come I didn’t mention raffle? Yes, raffle draw! There’s also a raffle draw and almost all of the attendees won something from the raffle. I got a free Argan Hair Mask Treatment from Azta Urban Salon!


And what is the price of going early to the venue? a loot bag! here are the contents:


But aside from the raffle, the booths, the friends, the new friends,  the food and the loot bag, the most valuable treasure I took home from BDJ’s last rendezvous is the inspiration given by the 3 lovely speakers. The speakers are younger than me but they were able to make themselves matter and be recognized by the society. They didn’t even expect to be what they are right now: Nikki used to work in the corporate world, Thea was a model, Melissa was an athlete and even Apple,  before she become a courtside reporter was a model like Thea…We may be confused on what do we really want to become. Our challenge right now is finding what our passion really is and how to make our own mark. I am a woman who matters. Say it again, please.



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