#PerksOfABella: When We Brought Chef Tony’s to the Movies

Me and my friends were really looking forward to Vilma Santos and Angel Locsin’s movie “Everything About Her” that we watched it on the first week of showing! And just when we were planning to watch the movie, I was also looking forward of using one of the coupons in my Perks of a Bella booklet. And the most likely to be paired with movies is popcorn at Chef Tony’s!


We decided to use my #perksofabella coupon at Chef Tony’s Market-Market branch. We availed 2 large tubs of creamy parmesan and salted caramel premium popcorn for a total of 300 pesos. Each large tub costs 200 pesos and because of the 50% off on the 2nd tub so we saved 100 pesos! That’s a lot of savings, right?


Me and my friends were so happy because the movie exceeded our expectations! Thanks also to Chef Tony’s because we enjoyed munching popcorn while at the movies!##IMG_20160128_114041-1

#PerksofaBella, #ChefTonysPopcorn, #TubofHappiness


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